toile is a free open source website builder. You can use it on your own completely free of charge!

We call this the “self-service” option. The setup and usage is described on Github.

Note: The current documentation leaves a lot of space for improvement. If you are trying the self-service mode, we would greatly appreciate your help to improve it. Please contact us.


If your time is more valuable than money, we offer custom support and assistance at very competitive rates.

35€ (tva excl.) per month for a yearly subscription.

For only 420€ a year, we can manage all the technical aspects of your website: hosting, domain name, e-mail addresses, updates. As a creative agency, we can provide support, assistance and recommandations for your content, design, SEO* strategy and more. If you get stuck at any point, we will be there.

(* SEO = Search Engine Optimization)


  • Custom design
  • Initial setup
  • Content creation
  • Specific consultancy needs
  • Custom functionnality

Whether you have chosen the self-service option or subscription, these are a few of the services we can provide on demand.


With toile you will never be stuck on one road. Switch between the self-service option and the subscription whenever you feel like it.

Subscription payments are due from the moment we publish your website and every year on the same date after that but that is your only constraint.

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