As a business owner or content creator we would argue that your most valuable assets are:

timediscoverabilitypersonality • mastery of your craft

We can help for 3 of these!


No technical knowledge required*

* If you are a tech-savvy user though, toile has a lot of power to offer. Look for the frames like this one.

Your new website does not need any kind of technical maintenance. It is super secure from day 1 and for the years to come.

We can setup the website structure and design for you and we configure all the technical parts (ask for a quote).

Once all setup is complete you can simply edit and republish. It is that easy!

* The self-service option needs a little bit of resourcefulness on your part but nothing compared to traditionnal hosted solutions thanks to our partner Netlify. You can find the (work in progress) self-service instructions on Github.

Edit your content yourself (CMS)

We partner with Contentful to deliver a cool Content Management Experience. Edit any piece of copy, choose your color palettes and your fonts, edit your metadata on every page and so much more.

If you like yourself a little bit of code, you can even write your own html and CSS for every block of content or site wide.


I am sure you have got a friend whose website got hacked, maybe even yourself. With toile you are the tech master! You don’t have to fear the bullies anymore.

Thanks to the power of Netlify, you have got:

  • Super secure distributed network to serve your website
  • Free SSL certificates (the HTTPS protocol)
  • Spam protection on online forms (and email addresses in text)
toile generates "static websites". It is super secure because there is no traditional server to hack! When you publish your website, static files are generated and stored on a CDN. A CDN is a network of small distributed delivery servers. They don't run code which makes them a lot more secure and even if one is in trouble, another one will take its place to always deliver your content to the end user. And by the way, this also makes your website super fast.

Simple design choices

If you decide to build your website completely on your own, we made sure that design choices are easy and look good on every screen.

  • Want to have a colored background on a section? Simply set the “color combo” to “contrast”.
  • Want to crop your images in squares or circles? Just chose the “shape” you want.
  • Want to make columns? You have complete freedom on how you divide them and everything is responsive for the best mobile and tablet experience.


Fast for your users too

Most people won’t even see your website if it takes more than 10 or 15 seconds to load!

But what if on the other hand the site loads really quickly? And when you navigate to another page, you don’t even see your browser loading. Wouldn’t that be an amazing experience for your customers, prospects, partners? Wouldn’t you like being associated with this image of swiftness and polished result? Well, here is a test for you: click on the icon in the top menu and count the seconds before you see the homepage again… I’ll wait… ;-)


You know what a “responsive” website is, right? It means that the content moves and adapts to the screen size. Apparently, “Mobile traffic is responsible for 52.21% of internet traffic” (Source) Can you afford losing half your customers because your site does not fit their screens? We certainly don’t!

Test: Try resizing your window and see the magic happen.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As a maker you surely care about people hearing about you, right? While authority (things like backlinks) and content remain the most important factors to determine your position in Google results, there are a few technical factors we can help you with.

The most crucial aspect on a technical level is Mobile friendliness! From now on, Google only evaluates the mobile version of your website to determine its ranking. It means your website has to be fully responsive, fast and resilient even with poor internet connexions! If you’ve read the 2 sections above you know we care about mobile experience.

toile also gives you the power to control your markup and set any kind of metadata on any page.


A fully branded website

Your logo, your colors, your fonts, your images, your layout!

Full control over your content

Everything we display on your website comes from your CMS. You can even take off the small mention to toile and Feed by Design in the footer.

Your website evolves with your business

Action is the key. Your website is made to support your business, not the other way around. Start small then add interesting content whenever you feel like it. You are in control.


If at any point of your project you want more, just ask for a quote. It might even be cheaper than you think. We can change almost everything in your design without touching your content.

We are also planning on building a community for makers to share experiences and help each other. If you are excited about this drop us a line.

The future

We work with a mindset of continuous improvement. New functionnalities are built according to the feedbacks we get from customers and the community.

To give you an idea of where we are going, here are a few features that should come to life in the future:

  • integrations with web based services (e.g. easily import facebook posts, reviews, instagram photos, …)
  • more themes to get you started even faster
  • other pricing plans with less or more personalization


toile rely on a supercharged combo of technologies that we are proud to promote!


An API-first CMS focused on the simplicity of development. That is where you will spend most of your time when managing your website.

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