A modern, free website builder for a more open web

We want to empower business owners and content creators to own their identity on the web.

We want to make it as easy and cheap as possible to manage your own website in a sustainable way, without compromising on your freedom, your branding, your data ownership and your autonomy.

The web is supposed to be open but the barrier to get yourself online is still too high. There are ways to create a free website but they always come with their own set of problems: unwanted advertising, maintenance complexity, required tech skills, … The result: small business owners (and more generaly service providers or content creators) tend to rely more and more on social media only. We are not strongly against social networks but you have to understand that, when using most social networks, you lose control over your content and identity. And more critically, you are not really helping people discover your content (unless paying for ads).

toile aims at making the entry barrier to your own(ed) website as low as possible. The current architecture rely on free trusted services to delegate complexity and we are gluing them together to make your website edition your main focus.

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